Dienstag, Februar 17, 2015

Codex B/03 Vaticanus Graecus 1209 ist online!

http://digi.vatlib.it/diglitData/image/MSS_Vat.gr.1209/4/Vat.gr.1209_1239_pa_1235.jpgOur beloved, famous Codex B is online:

Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana

complete, both OT and NT!

The quality is excellent!
And the images are downloadable!

 The highest resolution can be found  like this:





The highest zoom level 4 is in directory /4/. 
As one can see, not only the page number is incremented by one, but also the number in front of it, which is larger by 4, probably to include the front matter.
One can create an Excel sheet with the numbers, add the http address and can then easily download all images. Great!

Read more about the codex, its history and the mysterious umlauts here:

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